Software I use, gadgets I love, and other things I recommend.

Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff that I use to build software, stay productive, or buy to fool myself into thinking I’m being productive when I’m really just procrastinating.


  • 13” MacBook Pro, M1, 8GB RAM (2020)

    Nothing out of the ordinary. It just help me to get the job done.

  • 27” HP fw Monitors

    IPS monitors have a good color accuracy and nice view angles

  • Drop ALT Mechanical Keyboard 65%

    It has everything you might need on a Keyboard and even more Hot Swap keys help to easily replace switches that may stop working Also I prefer small form factor keyboard as they are more conformable for me.

  • MX Master 3 Mouse

    It's easy to set up macros on this mouse, and also it has an ergonomic design that feels good to use. The battery last for 2 months without charging which is also a nice feature.

Development tools

  • WebStorm

    Has a very good support for Javascript. Also you are able to set up environments easily when running node projects.


  • Todoist

    It's easy to set up reminders at different periods so that you can set goals or small daily tasks.


  • Secrets of the Javascript Ninja

    It teach you how JS works internally, has a lot of examples, and it teaches you some nice patterns to use on the language.

  • CSS In Depth

    After reading and understanding the concepts described on this book, you can get better at writing CSS code.

  • Designing User Interfaces

    Such a good book if you want to understand UI Design, it really helps to get better building user interfaces