I’m Yuen Escalante. I live in San Luis Potosí, México, where I code good quality code remotely for US companies.

I started coding when I was at middle school, the Computer Science teacher taught us how to write terminal programs on C language that gathered user input to solve small problems, and I was fascinated, soon after that I was hook learning more of the language by myself.

While I was still getting started at the college making a career on IT, a friend of mine who is an accountant requested me to build some basic calculators for him as a web page, in order to accomplish that I had to learn how to code for web as all I knew at the time was Java and C++ (I learned that from the Deitel & Deitel books), so I started to read books about Rest, PHP and Web development, and that situation made me aware of the tools and languages needed to make web applications.

So while I was at college at the same time I got a job as a developer, and I work for 3 years at different local Software Agencies, that helped me a lot to understand the many different areas needed on Software Engineering to design, code and test applications for different clients and needs, as well as to use different trending frameworks such as React, React Native, Flutter, and NextJS.

2 years ago I started working for US companies remotely, and I have been able to participate at different amazing software teams.

Nowadays, I'm still learning new ways in which I can improve my skills.